Aug. 7, 2021



WE ARE BACK!!!! We stepped away due to our lives going in every direction other than the way we intended it to go. Being an adult sucks!!!! But, the truth is, we missed all of our listeners (like the 4 that actually listen) and we have blast doing it so here's to an awesome SEASON 2 of the Corndog and Mr. Pickles Show!

This episode we basically just ramble on about nothing in particular. We discuss what you can expect from the show in season 2 and some of the significant changes we will be making. 

As always, be sure to check out our website at where you can find all of our episodes, send us a voice message, rate/review the show, and check out some of our sweet merch. 

Buckle in and get ready for a wild ride because season 2 is here and it's about to get weird.... so weird.