Great show

Love this show there all over the place and cover a ton of interesting topics. Would highly recommend to anyone whose interested in anything from Bigfoot D**k to hopefully pirates.

Fucking Hilarious

I listen to this show while drivin down the road in my big rig, and it's non stop laughs, this is my favorite podcast, the randomness, and I gotta say the dill pickle deals that you find, you should buy the belly button lint, just saying. Anyway, keep the laughs coming, and I may have checked the I am not a robot box, but I may be an alien robot seeing if the human race is worth taking over

These fuckin guys...

These guys will laugh you to tears in each episode. They are the type of guys who would make you want to buy them another round at the bar just to hear them talk about whatever's on their mind. Celebrity impressions, made up characters, and their own damn voices are an absolute joy to listen to. 10/10 recommend this podcast to anyone with any sense of humor and an interest in absolute fucking nonsense. Can't recommend enough! (Also, I never go by Kate or Katrina... hahah)

My Favorite Podcast

This is my favorite podcast. I love listening to these guys. They have me cracking up every episode.

Escape from Reality

Because I know these guys, its almost like having a face to face conversation. I can see the look on their faces as they go on. Let me tell you, this is real. You meet these two and this is what youll get... laughter and a lot of smiles.


If your ears were a vagina, the Corndog and Mr Pickles show is a fat, throbbing erection ready to penetrate your tender womanhood. Would recommend over and over again

Boobie Tassels

Every so often a podcast comes along that has the potential to change the world. Something people will be talking about for hundreds if not thousands of years. A call of hope into the darkness of the trepidations that all life on earth face. This may not be that podcast, but it makes me laugh until I cry.

Love it

mystery, mustache rides, intrigue, comedy, 30 minute tangents about topics you didn't know needed to be discussed. All this and more from two of the greatest albeit strangest minds of our generation!

Fucking comical

these guys are great. Never a dull moment on the show. Interesting and funny. I love it


You guys make me so wet

100% Recommend

I never listened to any podcast until Corndog and Mr. Pickles, now I can’t quit listening to them!

10/10 recommend

Every episode guaranteed to make you laugh! No topic is off limits! The chemistry between the hosts really helps make the show! If their topics/stories don’t tickle your fancy, their witty banter in between, will surely give you some good laughs!


These guys are hilarious! Listening to them is a nice break from reality. Keep it up!!!!