March 23, 2021



Oh hey there! Fancy seeing you here! You wanna listen to us talk about ghost ships and other wild and weird stuff? Do ya? 

This weeks episode is a doozy! We had some much fun recording this one that it is honestly one of our favorites. If you're a new listener, each week we discuss a topic, read off and discuss some weird news in a segment we call, "YOU JUST CAN'T MAKE THIS SHIT UP!" We also bring you some of the internets wildest deals and offers in another segment we call, "IT'S A DEAL PICKLE!" To end the show out, we deliver a spooky story that we either created ourselves or found on the internet. If we found it on the internet, we kind of jazz it up a bit with our own sauce.

If you're not knew to the show, then you know that we discuss all of that plus a lot of wild and off topic tangents.

Today, we discuss GHOST SHIPS! You voted and we delivered! Hope you enjoy it. Oh, before I forget, we had a special guest sit in with us this time! Our dear friend (and Corndog's cousin) Mardy was in town! YAY!!! So we had him sit in with us. We also gave him the alias "Churro."

As always, we bring you weird and TRUE news along with insane deals that we found on the internet. If you make it past off this and the off topic tangents then you'll get to hear some BOO SHEET! Which this week is a story that Corndog made up.... Yeah, we know, you're supposed to decide that but he screwed up and gave it away on the show. 

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